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Have you ever been rejected? Are a complete dork? Are you a bit retarded and ditzy sometimes? If you can answer yes then you've come to the right place. dorktardrating is for all you dorks to meet other dorks and make dorky friends!

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|+|You must be aged 14 or over
|+|No bitchyness to moderators, their say is the final word so no getting stressed about it-you'll just get banned.
|+|Only be bitchy to applicants if it is needed (e.g. when they are being bitchy to other members and mods). Don't be a bitch just cause they like a band which you don't cause to be honest no-one really cares.
|+|You have 24 hours to post the application
|+|Put all pictures and applications behind a LJ-cut
|+|Put 'dorkas malorkas' in the subject heading so we know you have read the rules.
|+|First 10 members are autoaccepted.
|+|Vote Yes or No in subject heading..no sway me votes please.Just straight answers. Also no answers with just a fullstop in. Give a reason.
|+|iF U TyPe LyKe D!Z..then this really isn't the community for you..just a word of warning.
|+|Promoting is allowed as long it is behind an lj-cut and you promote us in turn.
|+|If you get offended easily then you may not want to join incase members are harsh about your application. But remember it's just fun and you can reapply within 2 weeks.
|+|Put all applications behind an lj-cut,The codes are in the application just take out the *'s.

I think thats all for now :) have fun

The application...(take the *'s out of the code)
<*lj-cut text="Am I dork?"*>
Sexual Orientation:

10 favourite bands:

9 words to describe yourself:

8 random facts about yourself:

7 random sayings or words which you think are great:

6 favourite songs:

5 solo artists:

4 favourite people:

3 favourite movies:

2 places where you have promoted us to (need links aswell please):

1st gig you ever went to:

make us laugh ( a joke, a picture, a song, anything):

why do you think you're a dork?:

whats the first thing you think of when these words are said..:


post 3+ pictures of yourself (3 must be of your face):

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